No doubt there are too many suppliers in this market, so the question is WHY DO I CHOOSE TURBOSNEAKERS. As the salesmanager of this brand, I will explain the reasons in 4 aspects: SERVICE, PRODUCT, PRICE, AND PAYMENT SECURITY.  



Why do I put the ‘Service’ at the first position? It is because we deeply understand sometimes consumers find it hard to trust an overseas service, based on their previous unpleasant experience from other suppliers. For instance, you may have received a poor quality product, which is not the
same as the pics showing on the seller’s site; or even worse: you may have gotten nothing after paying, while the seller may never response again. Here are some examples of our customers complaining about their earlier sellers.

Case 1: Customer From MX

Case 2:Customer from IG.

(This seller that our customer complained about has 59K followers on IG. We believe the best service must rely on details, which is what we always care about.)


From the perspective of consumers, we build a Standard Operation Procedure to protect customer’s rights and interests. You can understand it through the graph below.

To better illustrate the whole process, let me explain some details here:

1). After you place an order, we will create a customer service group with two TURBOSNEAKERS staffs, so that we can provide support whenever you need. Due to the time difference, sometimes we may not be able to respond on time, but no worries! Once we see your message, we will respond immediately.

After we receive the sneaker from factory (it usually takes 3-6 days for factory to prepare the products), we will check the details first, including materials, logo, stitching and etc.

That’s a very important step, because factory occasionally sends defective items. If the quality is good, we will take the QC video for you, so that you can check your product right away, rather than when you actually receive it.

However, if the item has flaws, we will return it to factory, and it can take extra days to wait. If you feel it’s okay to wait, we will refund at least 5 dollars (depending on the value of product) or send a lovely gift as compensation. If it’s too long for you to wait, you can feel free to cancel the order and you’ll get a full-refund without any loss.

2). The QC video will be 1-2 mins long, and we will shoot two shoes.

3). You also can watch the video below. It illustrates how we conduct the process of quality check and order pack.


To provide a better service to our customer, who trust us a lot, we provide the Unconditional Return for everybody. For more details, customer can click the link below to learn more.